Catwoman Officially Turns from Cat Burglar to Wrestler


Due to the ongoing expansion of Batman’s alternate universe, charmingly known as the Murphy Universe, creators Sean Gordon Murphy and Clay McCormack met with Screen Rant at Comic-Con in San Diego this year to discuss the changes they plan to make to everyone’s beloved feline antihero Catwoman. .

As one of Batman’s first adversaries and an ongoing love interest, Catwoman has been a staple of the Batman universe since the very first Batman release. Although she changed over time, one trait of Selina’s character stubbornly resisted change, namely, she was almost always portrayed as a cat burglar. However, the fact that the tradition of the destruction and penetration of the Catwoman remains unchanged does not mean that it is unchanged, especially when it comes to the Murphy universe.

One of the most exciting elements of Murphy’s universe is the artistic license that its creators must radically depart from such famous characters as Selina Kyle’s Catwoman. Although Murphy and McCormack have yet to find a place for Catwoman in their alternate universe, they have clearly thought long and hard about her as a character and how she will be portrayed as the universe continues to grow. As the creators note, they have every intention of applying this artistic license to the Catwoman, adding professional wrestling to the list of her achievements, saying:

Murphy: Clay, you wanted to bring a little bit of struggle into this, right?

McCormack: Yes, I wanted to work with her with a new character who kind of bumps into Selena Kyle and finds out through her where Selena was. It’s not necessarily in the place where you expect it to be. Then they get trapped, so I wanted to use Tommy Elliot there to just bring in some other minor characters. But yes, add some professional wrestling to it.

Murphy: This is his biggest platform and he really wants to do more comics by the rules of the White Knight. He’s like, as long as I say yes, basically everything is fine. I don’t care about fighting at all. He’s been insisting on this for years. So I feel I owe him. At this moment.

McCormack: I got a little immersed in the “Little Red Riding Hood”. I hope I’ve opened the door enough so I can do something else.

Catwoman, based on the aesthetics of professional wrestling, is an alternative interpretation with great potential. However, it fits perfectly with Murphy’s vision of what his alternate Batman reality should be. Indeed, in a universe where Jason Todd was the first Robin and the Joker was a force for good, having a struggling Catwoman is common. It also allows McCormack to create from scratch without the limitations of Catwoman’s past, able to easily rely on Selina Kyle’s sense of theatricality. In fact, the original Catwoman costume would be perfect for this reinvention, given that her giant cat-head mask would be more suitable for a wrestling ring than for a jewel heist.

Adding a more fist-pumping aspect to catwomen could be greatness. Indeed, the classic Catwoman has always been known as an excellent melee fighter, very proud of her ability to defeat stronger villains through sheer skill. After their comments at Comic-Con in San Diego, fans of Murphy and McCormack’s views on Batman can look forward to the wrestling-inspired Catwoman when Selina finally appears in Murphy’s universe.


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