CatSpin Game Released for Android 10 Years After iOS


CatSpin game, which was only played on iOS platform 10 years ago, can now be played on Android platform. In the game, the main character Neko and his environment are controlled.

If you are one of those interested in mobile games in the last 10 years, the name CatSpin will probably sound familiar to you. The game was only available 10 years ago on the iOS platform. CatSpin has become quite popular after Apple’s various application lists.

Now, 10 years after iOS, the game appeared on the Android platform renewed. At this point, the game is currently only available on Android platform, so iOS users cannot access this game.

CatSpin’s trailer released 10 years ago:

CatSpin is a puzzle game where you can control both the main character Neko and the environment in which the main character moves. With these controls, you ensure that Neko reaches the places it wants. When you start rotating the environment where the cat is located, you also need to pay attention to the movements of the objects and objects in the environment. For example, rocks will fall to the ground due to gravity, and if it is fired it will burn upwards. In short, you should not resort to rotating the media unless it is in a very difficult situation.

There are 2 types of control options in the game. One of them reminds me of when the game first came out. Those who want can classic the game with the standard buttons on the screen. If you don’t like this type of control option, there is an option that you can play by moving the screen.

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