Cats: why is the flop of the film so popular on the web?


An unprecedented industrial accident, Cats has been talked about a lot since its theatrical release on December 20. But why ?

A cult musical, Cats has long since become a legend with fans. So they were impatiently awaiting his film adaptation. It was very bad for them, it’s been a failure since its release!

Cats may be endowed with one of the most enticing distributions of the end of the year, but we’re already talking about it as a bitter failure. Worse, this is an unprecedented industrial accident. Universal studio should have suspected that. Indeed, the release of the trailer a few months ago had already sparked an uproar. The fault for sloppy special effects, according to social networks. Some fans then criticize the lack of realism of cats. Others blame them on the contrary for their hypersexualization. What can be disturbing for animals!

One solution remains: rework Cats. But the film has already been released in theaters, so what to do? Trying everything for everything, director Tom Hooper decided to send a corrected version of his film to cinemas. If this technique is common in the world of video games, it is a first in the cinema … And that should not even be enough to save the musical!

To believe the first echoes of the studio, hairs will appear on the tomcats. They would also have more realistic legs. Until now, this was not the case, as people with keen eyes have illustrated. Screenshots show the sleeve of the actress Rebel Wilson’s costume and the hands (and wedding ring) of Judi Dench.

Nothing surprising when you think about it. Tom Hooper had indeed admitted to having finished the film the day before the premiere. Universal obviously demanded that the family movie be released for the holidays, and the director failed to keep up. Race result: Cats has only earned $ 6.5 million since its release. A failure.


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