Catopia: Rush – Heroic RPG Announces Closed Beta


Supercolony Inc., a startup game studio based in Irvine, Calif., Is proud to announce its first mobile title – Catopia: Rush, the FELINE RPG the internet has been waiting for!

Catopia: Rush takes you into a fantasy world filled with adorably horrible monsters and randomly generated dungeons. You lead an invasion group of incredible super cats, each with their own special roles and abilities, while defending the kingdom against the Dark Lord.

Catopia: Rush is a mobile game in vertical mode that features one-way controls, which makes the game easy to learn, but super engaging. Just drag the floating joystick to move and stop to shoot: your team’s skills will be activated automatically. Although it is simple to play, there is a lot of strategic depth to be unlocked through group choices. Depending on your configuration, your team may consist of cat-robot tanks, snipers, or brave wizards.

Think of ARCHERO and CATS, with a cast of superhero kittens!

Catopia: Rush features a wide variety of characters – charming and collectible kittens. In addition, players can constantly increase their kingdom’s capabilities to produce better items, find new members for their team and other powerups.

“We love action RPGs and we love cats!” Said David Son, CEO of Supercolony, “We are really looking forward to welcoming players into the world of Catopia and together building a community.”

Catopia: Rush is currently accepting applications for its closed beta for Android only as of October 29. The CBT will officially start on November 18th. Interested participants can register here!


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