Catherine must make a decision to forgive


In the last episodes of The Spanish Princess, we have seen how Catherine has been trying to recover from the shock to discover that Henry has been having an affair with Bessie Blount.

In the latest November 8 episode of The Spanish Princess, Catherine lets her guard down and opens her feelings to Lina in a private moment, telling her everything she felt.

“I know I would be a good mother. I see it in her, ”Catherine teary-eyed Lina about Bessie.

“But should it always be my duty to be magnanimous? Maybe that’s what God wants me to do. Show compassion to Bessie Blount to make amends for the sins I have committed. ”

But, Lina was always emphasizing to Catherine, that she had not committed sin, since she always sought to fulfill the destiny of her lord. Be the queen of England.

“Your only sin was fulfilling the destiny that God established for you. She called you to be Queen of England and you are. ”

But the things that have happened have Catherine, questioning everything about Henry, but at the same time showing fear and doubts about herself, saying to herself:

“I’m a sinner, but if I show my Christian charity, maybe God will make sure Henry doesn’t kick me out.”

The reality is that Henry had a long affair with Bessie. Giving him an illegitimate child, but will Catherine manage to forgive him after all that? Next Sunday will be episode 7 of the second season of The Spanish Princess.


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