Catfish: Understand The Meaning Of The Term And How To Protect Yourself


Catfish: Imagine that, by creating a profile on an app or social networking site, you end up meeting a special person. The photos demonstrate that this person is quite interesting and has qualities you’ve always looked for in someone. However, when a date happens, the person is not exactly what he or she appeared in conversation. This type of scam, popularly known as catfish, is very dangerous and more common than we think.

In general terms, this practice consists of individuals, often criminals, who develop fake profiles on the internet, using photos of third parties to attract possible victims, in relationship applications and apply scams, fraud and, in some cases, even commit crimes against life, including physical assault and murder.

When using the internet as a medium for this, there is also the other side of the coin, in which there are people who are ashamed of their appearance who just want to meet someone online.

However, catfish can be harmful on several levels. Want to know more about it? Check out all the details covered below.

Catfish: Deceiving People Virtually

In a free translation, catfish is the junction of the name, in English, of 2 animals: cat (cat) and fish (fish). The slang in English was created so that, in a single term, it was possible to identify this virtual scam.

In 2010, the practice became the subject of the documentary of the same name, released by filmmakers Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost. In production, there is a report that makes an analogy between hooking people through apps with what some fishermen do to be efficient in their respective jobs.

Thus, the word has even been added to some English-language dictionaries. By pretending to be a person through a dating app, criminals have anonymity as their main asset, as they are able to promote dialogues that earn the victim’s trust. With this, the possibility of applying blows is even easier.