Category that combines Sound Editing


With the Academy combining the previous categories of sound editing and mixing, introducing a new category of best sound this year, its Oscar nominees are Greyhound: Na Mira do Enimigo, Mank, Relatos do Mundo, Soul and O Som do Silêncio.

A notable number of recent Oscar winners for sound editing and mixing were the same films, an argument that was often cited when the Academy voted to combine these categories.

This year, all five nominees previously received at least one nomination from Motion Picture Sound Editors, for the Golden Reel Awards, in sound editing, and the Cinema Audio Society Awards, for sound mixing. Greyhound: At Mira do Inimigo, Relatos do Mundo, Soul and O Som do Silêncio were also nominated for the combined sound category of the BAFTA Awards.

Some highlights among Oscar nominees in this category include Ren Klyce, who has been nominated twice as a sound editing supervisor and Mank re-recording mixer for David Fincher and Pixar’s Soul (for which he is also credited as a sound designer). These films, which challenged him to create a sound for 1930s Hollywood and an ethereal life after death, are the eighth and ninth Oscar nominations for Klyce.

By Mank, Kylce is nominated alongside Jeremy Molod, David Parker, Nathan Nance and Drew Kunin. As for Soul, he is nominated alongside Coya Elliott and David Parker.

Elliott, who supervises sound editing at Skywalker Sound, is one of the two women nominated for better sound. The other is the sound recordings mixer for O Som do Silêncio, Michelle Couttolenc.

The Apple TV + war movie Greyhound is the 13th Oscar nomination for Michael Minkler, who previously won the Oscar for sound mixing for Dreamgirls, Chicago and Black Hawk in Peril. Along with his son, Christian, and his uncles, Bob and Lee Minkler, Greyhound leads the Minkler family to a total of 17 Oscar nominations, with four victories, for the aforementioned Michael Minkler Oscar and the Bob Minkler figurine for Star Wars, 1977. However, Christian Minkler, who also has credit for the re-recording mixer in the film, was not nominated by Greyhound.

Greyhound nominees are Michael Minkler, Warren Shaw, Beau Borders and David Wyman. The nominees for World Reports are Oliver Tarney, Mike Prestwood Smith, William Miller and John Pritchett.

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