Catalan elections 2021: how to download


Today is February 14, Valentine’s Day. But in one part of the country it is also a decisive day, because in Catalonia they celebrate the Elections of 14F, and they do so in the middle of a climate of tension, fragmentation and in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic. And as always, social networks and mobile applications are the best assets to be instantly informed of the development of the elections.

So that you are aware of everything that happens tomorrow, here we bring you a series of apps and websites to follow the vote count, check how the pre-count political scale is, the possible agreements, etc.

14F Catalunya Elections

The official application that the Generalitat de Catalunya has created to monitor the Catalan elections, with the name of “Elecciones 14F” the app allows you to follow the elections to Parliament in real time. As in every electoral process, the participation data and the results of the candidacies can be consulted, with the possibility of comparing them with those of previous calls. It also includes the ‘My Parliament’ functionality, with which the user can create possible alliances to gain access to Parliament’s mayoralties.

Know the occupation of a polling station before going

Although the entire electoral process has been adapted to the context of COVID-19 and health security protocols have been created in schools, this effort by the Government to guarantee safe elections is also transferred to the application of the regulations, which will properly incorporate a new functionality that will allow citizens to know the level of occupation of the polling stations with updated data in real time.

Voters, therefore, will be able to know the status of the wait to vote and at what time there is little volume of people in their electoral college to avoid crowds.

Another novelty of the 14-F mobile application compared to previous versions is a functionality that allows you to check the evolution of the last ballot in real time, and see in real time how many votes a party has to obtain to snatch the last ballot from each constituency to another candidacy, together with detailed information on the provisional results of the candidacies.

Data by geographical areas and possible agreements

These data are available broken down at various levels: Catalonia, circumscriptions, counties and municipalities. Furthermore, the user has the option of marking one of these geographical areas as a favorite and following it preferentially.

As the ‘El meu Parlament’ functionality does, if you want to be aware of possible agreements that may arise, the app will allow you to combine the results of different political forces to create hypothetical majorities in the Catalan chamber. These simulated alliances may evolve as the scrutiny progresses on election night.


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