Castro1021 Goes Super Viral When World Cup TikTok Reacts to Lewandowski’s Penalty Miss


YouTube blogger FIFA Castro1021 went viral when TikTok reacted to Robert Lewandowski’s penalty miss in Poland’s match against Mexico at the 2022 World Cup.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar is in full swing, and many famous personalities will travel to the Middle East to support their countries in their quest to achieve football immortality.

One such figure making the trip is Edwin “Castro1021” Castro, following his beloved Mexico as they embarked on their Group C campaign.

Their first game was against Poland on November 22, which ended 0-0. The most remarkable moment of the match came in the 58th minute, when the Poles earned a penalty, and Barcelona striker Robert Lewandowski took the lead.

However, to the delight of Castro and Mexican fans around the world, the superstar’s penalty was reflected by the cult hero Guillermo Ochoa. Castro filmed it all on camera in the stands of the 974 stadium in Doha and has now gone insanely viral on TikTok.

Castro1021 Goes Viral Thanks to TikTok World Cup

The sixteen-second video captured the emotions and delight of all football fans when an opponent takes a penalty and misses.

“Oh no, they’re checking Lewandowski’s penalty,” Castro said when the VAR system investigated the violation. “Ahhh, he’s going to the car. He’s going to the car, no, no.”

When the penalty was awarded, Castro sank into his seat with his head in his hands. However, a few seconds later he was screaming with joy when Ochoa scored a penalty and kept Mexico level.

Many viewers reacted positively to the video, enjoying the whirlwind of emotions that the YouTuber experienced in such a short period of time.

One joked that Ochoa turns into the “main Yashin” at every World Cup, and another said: “Bro, I forgot that Mexico has Ochoa in the goal.”

Castro hopes Mexico can continue their winless start to the World Cup when they play Argentina on November 26.


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