Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night Series Should Not Happen


Castlevania: In an interview with ComingSoon, Kevin Kolde, executive producer of the Castlevania series, gave more details about the future of animation and indicated that a possible adaptation of Symphony of the Night should not happen.

This Thursday (13), Castlevania had its last season made available by Netflix and, with numerous clues presented by the series, fans were anxious about a possible sequence inspired by the classic game Symphony of the Night. However, Kolde decided to cool the fans’ expectations and commented on the impossibility of adapting the bow, especially since countless clippings of the game have already been shown during the second and fourth seasons.

“So, I really liked Symphony of the Night as a game, right? I think that’s where it starts. I think it’s a classic Castlevania game,” said Kolde. “Symphony of the Night, from the point of view of history, is an interesting challenge, because in the game Alucard you have to fight your father, right? We did it in season 2. So I’m not sure how you do it again from the point to tell stories and make them meaningful. ”

“So there would be challenges for this particular story, but there are other elements that are interesting. The Richter element [Belmont], the Maria element [Renard], that you could look at, but the final fight between Alucard and Dracula, I don’t know how we would do it better than we did in season 2, to be honest with you “, concludes the producer.

Although Kevin Kolde’s point of view makes sense and immediately dismisses the main plot of Symphony of the Night, he hints that the series can win seasons and derivative arcs, with more characters and stories to be addressed from both the author universe the animation and the robust franchise of games.

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