Castlevania Resurrection: playable version online


The network has been generous in receiving, in recent times, videos and photos showing several games from old platforms that had their progress interrupted for some reason. One such case is that of Castlevania: Ressurrection, which was in production for Dreamcast and appeared in a playable version on YouTube.

The video you see in this news is courtesy of the vcr exists channel, and shows a build that was used in a closed door presentation at E3 1999. It is possible to see that the game would have a 3D platform aspect of linear progression and, in the version found, there was a possibility of going through two of five stages.


Another detail is that the game would introduce Victor Belmont (which ended up appearing in Castlevania: Lords of Shadows 2) to the world, and would be the first project in the series fully developed by Konami’s American division. However, it ended up being left aside due to the launch of the PlayStation 2 in the year 2000.

And did you know about this game? What did you think of the project presented in the video? Share your opinion with other readers in the space below for comments.


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