Castlevania: Netflix Releases Trailer For The 4th Season Of The Anime


Castlevania: One of Netflix’s biggest hits is coming to an end. Castlevania, the main original anime on the streaming platform, had the official trailer for the 4th season released. The launch was made on Thursday (29) and allows fans to take a first look at how the story will end.

What will the 4th season of Castlevania be like?

In the trailer, you can see how things turned out after the death of the fearsome Dracula. Apparently, vampires around the world are trying to bring the famous villain back to life, however, this may not be the biggest problem for our heroes.

Carmilla and the sisters finally seem to be putting the plan of trying to conquer the world into practice. And, at the same time, Isaac is preparing a huge massacre with his terrible monsters. As a result, Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades and Alucard need to prepare for a dangerous final battle.

The video also shows that the new war must be the way the fans like it: pretty bloody. The trailer leaves a great hype and an atmosphere of tension, further preparing fans for an epic conclusion to the animation.

The end of the Netflix anime

The series inspired by Konami’s namesake games will end after the 4th season. The reason is believed to be allegations of abuse made against showrunner Warren Ellis, who was fired and has no further involvement with Netflix.

However, according to information from the Deadline website, the streaming platform plans to produce an anime spinoff. The production would be completely new and with different characters, but it would still take place in the same anime universe.

The last season of Castlevania premieres on May 13 on Netflix.


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