Castlevania in FPS is a spectacle thanks to the Doom mod


DOOM is one of the games that received the most mods throughout history. But few drew as much attention as what unites the world of the action franchise with that of Castlevania, making the hunt for Dracula all in the first person.

The project was created by Alpha Beta Gamer and brings a very different perspective to the Konami franchise. In it, it is possible to see characteristic scenarios of the series, such as castles full of colorful stained glass, and even some iconic monsters of the saga. Check it out below:

Other elements also draw attention, such as the weapon used: Vampire Killer (the famous whip of the franchise). With it, it is possible not only to hit your enemies, but also to break candles to obtain items.

The video showing the game in action is just over an hour long. Enough enough to leave us with an enormous desire to one day check out an original version of this classic in first person for the first time.

So, what did you think of this mod? Did you like it? Tell us in the comments section!


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