Castlevania Have Season 5? Understand The Future Of Netflix Anime!


Castlevania: The 4th and final season of Castlevania opens this Thursday (13th) on Netflix with the promise of completing the main plot of the anime. Even with the end confirmed, fans are hopeful that the series will continue, whether with a 5th season or a spinoff.

Based on a video game franchise, Castlevania still has a lot of story to tell. But will we have a 5th season of Castlevania?

Castlevania: season 5 or spinoff?

Unfortunately, a new anime season is not on Netflix’s plans at the moment. The platform has already confirmed that the 4th year will also be the last year of production.

There are rumors that a Castlevania spinoff is in development. This new series would take place in the same universe, but without the presence of the characters presented in the original series.

Castlevania: how can the story continue?

The new production could accompany Simon Belmont, the original hero of the games and descendant of Trevor. In the video game, Dracula and Death always return, and when that happens, a Belmont appears to fight them. This would be an effective way to retell the history of anime with new environments, characters and secondary plots.

Another course the series could take is telling the origin of Trevor’s ancestor, Leon Belmont, the first person to become a monster hunter. Also, in Castlevania, Dracula is represented in a more sympathetic way, so it would be interesting to understand how he became a feared vampire.

The new episodes of Castlevania are now available on Netflix.


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