Castlevania: Grimoire Of Souls Arrives As An Apple Arcade Exclusive


Castlevania: Today there was news about the re-release of some classics from the Castlevania series on Voxel and fans of the series can already celebrate more news.

Well, fans of the series who have iOS/tvOS and Apple Arcade devices only, as the new Grimoire of Souls game is being released as an exclusive to that service. The game can be downloaded in the app, starting this Friday (17th). Apple Arcade is the apple branded gaming service, with around 200 exclusive titles and unlimited games, without advertising, for R$9.90 per month. Apple Arcade games can also be played on Macs.

60 phases, with careful production

On Grimoire of Souls, specifically, Konami released that the new game has about 60 stages, with an “improved progression system”, as well as updated characters and weapons. Castlevania fans will be able to enjoy the greater customization possibilities of Grimoire of Souls, with more clothes and items for each character.

Speaking of characters, five of them are available, all already known: Simon Belmont, from the original Castelvania, Alucard, from Symphony of the Night, Charlotte Aulin, from Portrait of Ruin, Maria Renard, from Rondo of Blood and Shanoa, from Order of Ecclesia .

But the biggest highlight, says Konami, is the production of Grimoire of Souls, “with high-quality cinematography” and “much more immersive cutscenes”. The game features new songs by Michiru Yamane and drawings by Ayami Kojima, already known by Castlevania fans for working on other titles in the series. According to Konami, there are exclusive soundtracks that can be unlocked at launch.


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