Castlevania Anniversary Collection Has Physical Versions Revealed


Castlevania Anniversary Collection: The developer Limited Run Games revealed on Friday (30) the physical versions of Castlevania Anniversary Collection, detailing its contents and the numerous rewards bonuses that will arrive in a limited way for players.

Castlevania Anniversary Collection, a voluminous title from the Konami saga that includes eight classics released between 1986 and 1994, will receive four standards of physical versions, with prices ranging between US $ 34.99 and US $ 174.99 (from approximately R $ 190 to R $ 950, in direct conversion). According to the studio, the pre-sale period for the games will start on May 14, remaining active for another six weeks. Check out the official description of all sets below.

Standard Edition

Classic Edition (Limited)

“Our Classic edition includes a copy of the Castlevania Anniversary Collection, the original CD soundtrack, a reversible poster, and a retro-style dust jacket, all in a nostalgic case with metallic paint!”

Bloodlines edition (limited)

“Our Bloodlines edition includes a copy of the Castlevania Anniversary Collection, a soundtrack CD and an 18″ by 24 “reversible poster with art by Tom duBois … all in a luxury claw container.”

Ultimate edition (limited)

“The Ultimate edition has it all: a reversible poster featuring an unprecedented art from the Konami classic created by artist Tom duBois, a shadow box with lights and sound, a steelbook, a collection of mini replicas and more that we couldn’t put in one tweet. ”

Castlevania Anniversary Collection is available digitally for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.


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