Castlevania Advance Collection is Listed in Play Asia


The novel about the possible release of Castlevania Advance Collection continues. Still without confirmation or announcement by Konami, the game was cited in regulatory bodies in Australia, South Korea and Taiwan.

Now the compilation has been listed for Nintendo Switch on Play Asia. The title’s sales page appears to have been taken down, but the folks at Nintendo Soup managed to save the game’s temporary cover art. Also, the URL can still be accessed via Google’s cache.

On the title’s pre-order page, the store also posted a temporary description that actually refers to the already-released Anniversary Collection.

The compilation is expected to feature three games from the series, plus an eBook with information about the games, detailed by the series’ developers and artists. The titles included would be Circle of the Moon, Aria of Sorrow and Harmony of Dissonance, originally released for the Game Boy Advance handheld.

According to information previously released by regulatory agencies, the collection must contain moderate to mild violence and coarse or obscene language, be of the fantasy genre and have support for English and Japanese.

Still unconfirmed by Konami, the compilation must have versions for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and there is no expected release date.


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