Cast of Dwayne Johnson Biographical Series “Young Rock”


Dwayne Johnson, “The Rock”, is excited about his biographical series and soon we will have it to enjoy with this newly revealed cast

Se revela el elenco de “Young Rock”, serie biográfica de Dwayne Johnson(INSTAGRAM)

is that, in these times, whoever is a celebrity cannot boast of being famous without first having a biographical series of his life, a fact that has become a great trend within the entertainment industry.

Well, now it was the turn of Dwayne Johnson, who has informed, very excited, within his official social networks, that he will have his own show focused on his youth and this week he announced part of the cast of “Young Rock.”

Specifically speaking, it was through his Instagram account where former WWE wrestler Dwayne Jhonson announced the creation of what will be a comic series, which will focus on his “wild and unpredictable childhood and his formative years growing up.” , as he himself has let it be known.

So, for the moment we have the following information: three Dwaynes will be presented at different stages of his life, we can see him in his childhood stage, when he was a teenager and, finally, represented as a whole twenty-something.

Faced with so much emotion, “La Roca” decided to give a quick preview, sharing photographs of the comparisons with the characters, that’s right, he published some images where you can see the real photograph (both he and his relatives) and the personified actors like these.

From what we were able to realize that, its child version will be in charge of the actor Adrian Groulx, who is described by Johnson as his hero because “I look back at this moment of my life with so much affection and how he saw the world through my eyes 10 years, “wrote the famous.

Likewise, to represent his adolescence stage, we will see Bradley Constant playing Dwayne, who will show the experiences that the celebrity had from his 15 years of age, in addition, he will show us how they marked his life forever.

In the same way, it will be Uli Latukefu who will play our beloved Dwayne Johnson in his college years, remembering the actor when he played for the University of Miami football team.

“These years were some of the most defining. The highs are incredible, but the lows were critical. 275 pounds of upper body violence, attitude and clearly eating too much pizza,” wrote the great celebrity.

It is worth mentioning that among the cast of the series there are also great talents, such as Joseph Lee Anderson, an actor who will play the wrestler Rocky “Soulman” Johnson, Dwayne’s father, so this role is very special for him.

“My dad was a true pioneer and broke the color barriers across our country in the 60s, 70s and 80s. Half of the first champions for teams of color were my dad (with Tony Atlas)”, was the presentation of the image that shows his father and the aforementioned actor.

In addition, his mother will be represented by actress Stacey Leilua. “Many of you know the story of my mother: a cancer survivor, she went through hell and came back, an incredible life and is still the sweetest human being on the planet,” was the caption of the image that Dwayne wrote.

With the cast of the new biographical series of “The Rock”, which will be called “Young Rock” already completed, the release date of this original NBC production is speculated for the first months of 2021, because said production, It is just being developed at the moment in Australia, a country where work is allowed to control the situation through the global health contingency.

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