Casper’s Website Has Been Renewed: User Friendly


Casper announced that it has renewed its website. The website, which is said to become more user-friendly with the studies, also stands out with its compatibility on all devices. According to Casper, consumers will be able to enjoy a pleasant and complete shopping experience on the new site.

Ahmet Beliktay, who made statements about the activities carried out by the Casper Corporate Communication Department, states that they will offer a brand new shopping experience to consumers with their new websites.

The website, which was renewed according to the statements made by Beliktay, was prepared with the latest technology principle. Stating that they have created an innovative interface in this context, Beliktay said that users will now encounter a more efficient, faster and solution-oriented website. According to Beliktay, users will have a pleasant and complete shopping experience with Casper’s new website.

One of the biggest problems of websites is compatibility problem for different devices. Stating that they do not ignore this situation, Casper official states that Casper’s website works compatible with all devices. Ömer Özmen, one of the engineers of Casper, states that they have developed a modular infrastructure for the new website and that they aim to provide a user-friendly experience.

Casper has partnered with MediaClick for its new website. Görkem Duymaz, one of the MediaClick officials, who made a statement about the site, says that they give priority to user experience in the Casper project. Stating that they also created a dynamic configurator in this context, Duymaz underlines that they have made the site fully integrated. If you also want to review Casper’s renewed website, you can use the link here.

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