Casio patent used in lawsuit against Apple Watch


The Irish company Solas OLED LTDA. sued the American giant Apple for breach of patent with the Apple Watch. The lawsuit, which covers the third to sixth series of the smart watch, claims that the accessory infringed a patent that protects a method of controlling Casio’s OLED screens, acquired by the company.

The patent is called Display Device and its drive control methods (Display Apparatus and drive control method thereof) and describes a very mild and common display control method. It was consented in 2011, five years before the Irish company was founded.

Through the process, the company calls for permanent ordering of Apple’s patent infringement ban, which can directly influence the sales of its smart watch.

This is the third lawsuit filed by Solas OLED against large companies, including Samsung and LG. In cases like this, the requesting companies expect some payment from the sued companies to avoid legal inconvenience. However, Apple often legally opposes the practice to prevent future occurrences.

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