Case Shock To Zoom

A new lawsuit has been filed against Zoom, which we have begun to hear frequently lately. Michael Drieu, Zoom Technologies Inc. In the lawsuit he filed against the company, he accused the company executives of hiding some information from people.

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A shareholder, Michael Drieu, filed a lawsuit against Zoom Technologies Inc. the other day. According to his claims, the administrators of Zoom were aware of the deficiencies in the software of the application, the application was vulnerable to hacking attacks, and that the personal information of the users of the application could be leaked to third parties. But company executives did not disclose this information to the public, although they knew all this.

Many names, including companies like Tesla, SpaceX, have banned using Zoom in their on-premises meetings due to security vulnerabilities. In addition, the Ministry of National Education recently made a statement about platforms such as Zoom and offered students to use only EBA TV. In addition, the Taiwan Government completely banned the use of Zoom by government agencies.

Many security vulnerabilities have been discovered over the past few days. It was understood that the personal information of Zoom users was transferred to third parties such as Facebook and the company used servers in China for data transfer. On top of that, it was learned that the company’s allegations of “we use end-to-end encryption” were unfounded. Because of the vulnerabilities in the software, something called Zoombombing started to happen. Looks like people can join any Zoom meeting, even if they’re not invited.

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Zoom managers stated in the statements they made on the subject that they have seen a “very intense demand” in the last weeks and “accidentally” used the servers in China. Speaking about end-to-end encryption, administrators explain that they are working on a new encryption method, but it is expected to continue for at least a few more months.



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