Case for Redmi Note 8 Pro: see options for Xiaomi phone


The Redmi Note 8 Pro is an intermediate phone from Xiaomi. The smartphone was launched in Brazil in November 2019 for R $ 2,299, but today the value has risen to R $ 2,887. The phone has a 6.53 inch screen, a 64 MP quad camera, a MediaTek Helio G90T eight-core processor, 6 GB RAM, 64 GB or 128 GB storage, 4,500 mAh battery and Android 9 (Pie), which can now be upgraded to Android 10.

TechTudo has prepared a list of seven cover models to protect the Chinese phone. Check the options on the lines below.

1. Shockproof
This style of case offers protection against falls, especially at the ends of the phone. The case covers the entire back and sides of the device, avoiding scratches and impacts. Usually it is sold in transparent, but the user can find stylized options and some even come with glass film. Cases like this cost around R $ 18 in online retail.

2. Slim
An option for those who like to preserve the dimensions of the cell phone is the slim case. Because it is much thinner, it is practically glued to the surface of the smartphone and does not drastically change the weight and size of the device. Even slim, it becomes an extra layer that protects the device and still leaves it with a more sophisticated touch. There are several options on the online market that vary in colors and material, with prices in the range of R $ 23.

3. Silicone
Those who prefer more traditional models can choose from the variety of colors of the silicone cases. Because it is made of a rubberized material, the case can absorb the impact when the phone is dropped on some hard or rough surface, preventing damage to the smartphone. In addition, the accessory also adds more color to the design and some are personalized. You can find options in marketplaces for R $ 35.

4. Anti-impact
Unlike shockproof covers, the impact cases are focused on protecting the entire structure of the cell phone. These cases are usually made of carbon fiber TPU and are applied to the edges and back of the phone. Some options are 360 ​​degrees and also protect the screen. They offer more resistance to impacts, stains and scratches, in addition to having sensitive buttons on the structure. In online retail you can find models starting at R $ 49.

5. Wallet style
Usually made of synthetic leather, the wallet-style covers not only protect your phone from impacts and scratches, but also tend to bring other functions. The cases are foldable, so it is possible to leave the smartphone supported in a horizontal position and watch videos without having to hold it. As it is a wallet, the cases come with compartments for storing credit card and cash. The cover price starts at R $ 44 on the web.

6. Armor
Ideal for those who prioritize device protection above all. Armor or armor cases are more robust options, but they protect the entire phone. Usually they have a flexible and non-slip structure to cushion and minimize any impacts that the cell phone suffers.

However it significantly changes the size of the smartphone and some are even heavy. The user can find options that come with rear rings to keep the device close at hand and to support them on surfaces. The covers can be found by figures starting at R $ 54.

7. Dual shock cover
This option follows the same idea as the armor cases, but it is different because the structure is divided into two parts. It comes with a more malleable surface designed to absorb the impacts that the phone can suffer and prevent the shock from spreading and damaging other components.

It also has a second, more rigid skin that prevents sharp elements from reaching the device. The cover also prevents the camera from coming into direct contact with the surface, protecting the four lenses of the phone. The interested user can find the model for around R $ 80.


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