A Case Against Hacker Who Brings Flight Ticket Free From Belgium To New York


Brussels Airlines filed a lawsuit against the hacker who bought free business class flight tickets to himself and his friends using a deficit in his system. The hacker faced thousands of euros in compensation.

Brussels Airlines became a courtroom with a hacker who bought his business class tickets for his New York flight free of charge to his two friends. The airline claims up to 20,000 euros in compensation for airport taxes and other charges, as well as the ticket price.

Prosecutor Karel Berteloot said, “The man bought the tickets only through a special application for the use of the employees. Then he canceled the tickets and received a refund but played on the URL of the ticket to be able to use it later. Also, worth 6,000 euros for a flight to New York, “He managed to set up three business class tickets. He could use his talents legally,” he said.

The 25-year-old hacker went to court on Monday, but this was not Hacker’s first trial for ‘free-rider’ crimes. Hacker was previously reported to have entered the systems of travel and telecom companies such as Lufthansa, Thalys, Mobistar and Proximus.

Hacker’s lawyer requested a reduction in penalty in exchange for his client telling Brussels Airlines about the system’s deficits. The decision is expected on 30 March.


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