Case Evandro: Series Wins Extra Episode On Globoplay


Case Evandro: The documentary series “O Case Evandro” had an extra episode released yesterday, Thursday (8). The episode was named “Consequences” and features some exclusive interviews. One of them is with Osvaldo Marceneiro, who is one of the seven accused of the death of the boy Evandro Ramos Caetano. This was the first time he had spoken since the day he was arrested.

The original production Globoplay tells the true story of Evandro Ramos Caetano, a boy who disappeared in 1992, on the coast of the state of Paraná. His body was found only a while later in a thicket in inhumane conditions.

According to Patrícia Kogut, columnist for the newspaper O Globo, the extra episode will also be part of the podcast that inspired the series, created by journalist Ivan Mizanzuk. In addition to being available on the streaming platform, the production will also be accessible on major internet audio platforms and mobile applications.

The show’s director, Aly Muritiba, shared the news on his social networks and highlighted the main moment of the special episode, “The big moment of the episode is the interview with Osvaldo, something that many people have been waiting for for 29 years. The report is unprecedented, very beautiful and moving”. Co-director Michelle Chevrand explained that Osvaldo agreed to give the interview after seeing the repercussions of the documentary. “Osvaldo had a blockade and says that, with the series, good people emerged in the world, who sympathized with him”.

The series featured judicial and political twists on the case, such as proving that both Celina and Beatriz Abagge, as well as the other men who were convicted of Evandro’s death, were tortured by police into assuming they had committed the crime.

On the Human Project’s official website, it is possible to follow the complete content, with extra materials, which would be an Encyclopedia of the Evandro Case, and a kind of timeline, which begins in 1992 and ends in 2016, the year of the last trial. Last month, Ivan published the book “The Evandro Case: seven defendants, two police officers, the body and a diabolic plot”, which covers more details of the story.


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