Case that charges your phone: tips and prices


To help users who spend a lot of time away from power outlets, some companies bet on charging cases. The accessory has a built-in battery on the back that provides additional battery for the cell phone. In addition, the cover also protects the smartphone and offers practicality, since it does not need to be plugged into the power to work.

Currently, there are several brands of capinhas on the market with values ​​between R $ 190 and R $ 1,199, according to the characteristics of each one. The differences range from the charging capacity and the volume of the accessory to the number of entries, which allows you to charge the cell phone and the case at the same time. Check out the following tips for choosing covers and prices for the main brands.

How to choose a cell phone charger case
Before choosing a case, it is necessary to take into account some aspects of the accessory. Because they are the exact format of the cell phone, they are practical to carry and can be connected to the smartphone all day, preventing the user from having to transport additional items. Like protective cases, each phone has specific cover models.

The disadvantage is that the greater the carrying capacity of the case, the greater its weight. In general, thinner covers provide less energy for the phone, as well as being more expensive. It is important to take into account the relationship between the volume and the amount of charge provided when choosing the accessory.

The battery’s storage capacity is measured in milliampere / hour (mAh). The higher this value, the longer the cover charge will last. If the smartphone consumes approximately 1,800 mAh in seven hours, for example, this means that a 1,800 mAh charging case could double the device’s operating time to 14 hours. Comparing the storage capacity of the cell phone and the case can help you buy an accessory that suits your needs.

Another factor to be considered is the form of loading. Some models do not allow charging the cell phone and the case at the same time, making it necessary to separate the smartphone from the accessory. Other covers have two ports, which allows you to plug in the phone at the same time. Apple already offers some models of cases with a door. Just connect a single cable to charge the entire set.

The covers also differ in the way they show the remaining battery. Some models have buttons illuminated with LEDs that show when the load is low. Other models also use indicator bars. Already the cover of Apple, exclusive for cell phones of the brand, indicates the time remaining in the lock screen of the device.

Check the list of the main cover models available on the market.

Apple Smart Battery Case
Since the iPhone 6, Apple has invested in rechargeable cases. The newest launch was in November last year, when the brand announced cases for the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The Smart Battery Case offers 50% more battery for the phone and has a dedicated photo button, which opens the camera app automatically when pressed. In addition, the case is compatible with Qi wireless charging, allowing you to charge the case and the device together. The case is available in black, white and pink.

On the Apple website, you can find everything from iPhone 7 cases, for R $ 849, to new releases for the suggested price of R $ 1,199.

Motorola Snap Power Pack from Motorola
Motorola has also invested in rechargeable cases with the Moto Snap Power Pack. The accessory promises to provide up to 16 hours of additional battery and has 2,220 mAh capacity. The case can be found in black and white colors and costs approximately R $ 459 on the web and is available for Moto Z1, Z2, Z3 and Z Force.

Mophie Juice Pack Acess, by Mophie
Mophie offers covers from the iPhone 7, for approximately R $ 321. Already models up to the iPhone 11 Pro Max are sold for figures starting at R $ 417. The brand provides 2,200 mAh and also works by wireless charging.

Mophie Juice Pack, by Mophie
In addition to the iPhone, Mophie also offers cases for Android. Models are available from the Samsung Galaxy S8 +, for about R $ 312, to the Galaxy S10, for R $ 512 on the brand’s website. With a slim design, the case has wireless charging and promises to offer up to 32 hours of total battery.

Baseus loader cover
To protect and charge the phone, Baseus launched charging covers for iOS and Android. The brand offers cases up to the iPhone XS Max for R $ 190. The capacity of the accessory is 4,200 mAh, which is enough to charge the phone more than once. This limit varies depending on the smartphone model. The brand also offers cases for Samsung. The average value of the case for the Galaxy S8 is R $ 210.

Hocco loader cover
With a capacity of 3,500 mAh, Hocco offers covers for the iPhone X and iPhone XS for R $ 190. The accessory can give more than a full charge to the phone and is considered light, with only 123 grams. The cover has an on and off button, which allows you to control when the charge will be sent to the smartphone.


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