Cartel Tycoon doesn’t teach you to be a big mobster


Cartel Tycoon: One of the richest and most feared criminal organizations in the world is the cartels. It may be that group of companies that come together to control a market, harming consumers due to the lack of price competition. It may also be that faction that gathers to sell drugs.

The cartels gained fame in the 1980s. The one in Sinaloa, commanded by “El Chapo” in Mexico, is still known today for the work done in drug trafficking. Pablo Escobar was famous for running one of the largest cartels in the world, located in Colombia. He even won a series on Netflix. There was still a cartel to appear on the games screen, but this is no longer a problem.


Cartel Tycoon, a game developed by Moon Moose and published by Tiny Build, responsible for Hello Neighbor, Graveyard Keeper and the excellent Not for Broadcast, arrived on the market. As the name of the game says, you will develop your cartel and try to be one of the most famous criminals in the world.

The title has some game modes, such as “story”, where you receive a pompous tutorial to learn all the tricks of crime. In the open world, your mission will be to do whatever you want and bear the consequences of the crime. We will still have another mode, multiplayer, but it is not yet available.

Starting from nothing

Inspired by historical events of the 1980s, you are César Garcetti, a guy desperate to get a job. You find an interesting one and decide to know more about the service. When calling the contact, a drug dealer introduces himself and offers to manage a narcotic scheme. Mission accepts!

Your boss will be the guide to the beginning of the adventure, teaching you everything to build a successful criminal network, laundering dirty money and creating routes for sending drugs. Right at the beginning, you understand the difference between dirty and clean money and how important each one is in the adventure.


Management is simple and very intuitive. Everything revolves around drug production and money laundering. In the beginning, it will be necessary to build farms to produce opium. You will still be able to distribute dry cannabis, cocaine and methamphetamine to your customers.

Cartel Tycoon brings something important to the game strategy. The possibility of doing everything manually provides total interactivity with the logistics. This is excellent, as it prevents automatic bottlenecks and reduces the possibility of future logistical problems. Airstrips, border posts and ports will assist in the acquisition of dirty money

Imagine that your production is not generating adequate logistics for a distribution center. To solve the problem just use your character and guide him to make the necessary way so that everything is arranged. The mechanics are simple and very intuitive. Farms and warehouses will be instrumental in the production and distribution of drugs.


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