Carson Daly Talks about Dealing with Anxiety during Voice Transmission


The Voice host Carson Daly talks about his mental health issues in a new episode of the Today show. The TV presenter has been hosting the NBC vocalist contest “The Voice” since its first launch in 2011, and this fall the show will return for its 22nd season. He is also the producer of the show “The Voice”. In addition to his role on The Voice, Carson has been active throughout the NBC network, including co-hosting the Today program, and hosting and executive producing NBC New Year’s Eve specials.

This fall, “The Voice” will return to NBC with new coach Camila Cabello, joining longtime coaches John Legend, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani, who is returning after a two-season hiatus. Carson is also returning to host the 22nd season, much to the delight of viewers. Voice coach Kelly Clarkson has taken a break from the show after seven seasons. Carson became one of the most familiar faces on NBC, and he had a busy and successful career as a TV presenter, first of all he was the host of the popular late-night talk show “Last Call” with Carson Daly. The series aired on NBC for 17 years and officially ended in 2019, although over the years Carson’s role has become increasingly limited due to his commitments to Today and The Voice.

Although Carson seems cool, calm and collected while doing “The Voice,” he now talks about all the personal battles he’s been fighting since he was diagnosed with GTR or general anxiety disorder, according to USA Today. The longtime host of The Voice talks in detail about the depth of his anxiety, saying: “In The Voice, when I’m on the air on Monday evenings, most of the time my right hand is in my right pocket, and I literally squeeze on the flesh of my thigh, because I’m waiting for the moment of high panic to pass”. By sharing his story, Carson hopes to shed light on mental health and help get rid of the stigma surrounding it. After publicly discussing his mental health issues, Carson said he feels “much better.”

The Today show has launched a summer series dedicated to mental health called Mind Matters. The series is designed to promote a conversation about mental health, and “The Voice” star Carson is at the helm, reaching out to other people who are struggling with various mental health issues across the country. The series will tell about important conversations between people with mental health problems and families affected by the crisis. Speaking about the series, Carson said, “One day I accidentally shared my story, and now this area of mental health has become kind of my place on NBC News.”

It’s nice to see someone in public like Carson come out and talk about mental health. When he’s on The Voice, he seems unperturbed, reliving live performances with a sense of lightness for the viewer, but that’s not like him. The beginning of this series of articles “Today” is an important step in establishing a connection about mental health and normalizing discussions on this topic. The Voice became such a phenomenon thanks to Carson and his hosting abilities, which made his story impressive because he has a platform for millions of people.