Carrion changes its icon on Nintendo Switch


The Devolver Digital game has drawn criticism from several users who find its image on the Nintendo Switch menu disturbing.

Through her social networks, and not without a certain sense of humor, Devolver Digital has said goodbye to the original icon with which Carrion appeared on the Nintendo Switch. The game, one of the most striking indies this summer, had an image in the console menu with which several users had put the scream in the sky and that media such as Kotaku had defined as “a monstrous vagina”. Although we all remember the famous quote by Oscar Wilde: “There is only one thing in the world worse than they talk about you, and that is that they don’t talk about you”, the company has had to modify the image to silence the complaints and criticisms that were beginning to accumulate, and has assured that everything had been a mistake. It was an old and discarded design that “accidentally” was not changed when the title went on sale.

The truth is that the image was not a reference to vaginas, years or piles, but to the monster that we incarnated in the game itself. Inspired by The Thing (John Carpenter’s movie), Carrion puts us in the shoes of a tentacled monster that feeds on humans and aims to impound the military base in which it was created. An explosion of blood, guts and pixels that got a 7 in the MeriStation analysis, where we appreciated that innovative approach within a genre as old as survival horror. It ends up being a very entertaining beat ’em up with light touches of metroidvania and a visual section that once again highlights the benefits of pixel art.

Carrion is already profitable

Whether it was a marketing ploy or not (Devolver has never lacked ingenuity for these things), Carrion has become a small success. Since its launch on July 23, this curious indie has already sold more than 200,000 copies through the three platforms on which it is for sale: Nintendo Switch, PC and Xbox One (where it is also available on Game Pass) . We will see how the nightmare of Phobia Game Studio continues to do from now on and what new controversy people find for the coming months.

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