Carrefour opens unattended stores in SP; see how it works


Carrefour recently announced the opening of two autonomous stores in Brazil, that is, without human attendants. According to the brand, it is the first large retailer to bet on this model, which is already working in a residential condominium in São Bernardo do Campo and a coworking in the Brooklin neighborhood, in São Paulo.

He comments that one of the main problems for consumers in the market sector is cash. The delay in queuing is a factor that ends up causing people to waste a lot of time and does not add any kind of value.

“Time is an asset that is scarce for everyone, especially in cities like São Paulo, where traffic makes life very difficult for people. For this reason, offering the public this simplified consumption journey will be a great differentiator ”, he argues.

Despite the lack of clerks in stores, thus suggesting that the cashier profession has its days numbered, the director points out that it is difficult to “insist” that Brazil will live the same reality as other countries.

“And even if self-employed stores are the norm in a few years, we already think that our employees will have other skills going forward. We still need a lot of people at this stage of the journey and they will help customers solve technology doubts, give them more access to product information, etc. ”, he points out.

For this reason, Rufino says that “culturally” establishments are still a test, since the model will continue to receive feedbacks and suggestions for improvement. The executive says, however, that if the model works in Brazil, it will work anywhere.

“The country presents us with great challenges in terms of innovation. But the entire structure was designed to work as safely as possible. In addition, we bet it will work because we have a relationship of trust with customers ”, he defends.


Autonomous stores are equipped with various digital security tools to decrease the chances of fraud occurring. The first factor is the controlled environment in which they are located, a commercial building and a closed condominium.

In addition, the identification and control of the entrances and exits of the store are carried out through the application “Meu Carrefour”. In this sense, the bet is that the person himself already has a certain level of protection on the smartphone, since to make the purchase you need to access the app and still provide the credit card code, CVV, for example.


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