Carrefour Opens Registration For Free Development Course


Carrefour announced that it has opened registration for a training program for mobile developers on the Android platform. In all, the free bootcamp offers 7,500 scholarships and some talent will be hired by the retailer.

Developers participating in the program will have access to 21 courses that will cover programming fundamentals; from basic to advanced for Kotlin applications; the Android Studio environment and main tools, as well as navigability, architecture and best practices in Kotlin with Clean Architecture and MVVM.

Early level participants will have the opportunity to build their first application on the operating system and learn debugging practices, error and exception handling, and more.

Registration until September

The bootcamp grid still has mentorships with Carrefour specialists. Live and exclusive sessions will be held for those enrolled in the program, and the meetings allow devs to learn even more through real cases shared by experts from the company itself.

In addition to being free, the bootcamp can be accessed from any device and will offer proof of proficiency and a certificate of completion. At the end, the best evaluated will be invited to interviews that can guarantee them the opportunity to be hired for Carrefour’s technology team.

The program is available on the DIO platform and is accessible to anyone, with no pre-enrollment requirements. Applications can be made until September 3rd on this page.


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