Caroline Receveur’s brand, Osée Beauté’s campaign


Caroline Receveur will release a new range of products for her brand Osée Beauté. New hair products? Caroline Receveur is releasing a new collection for her brand Osée Beauté. So she shoots a shoot in Dubai for the occasion. And what you can say is that the photos look very pretty. The young mother is very sexy.

Since the beginning of the year, the young woman has returned to Dubai. If she spent confinement in Paris, it was not long before she returned to this country. And now, she’s sharing her shoot for her aesthetic brand. We tell you more.

At Osée Beauté you can especially find products for your hair. Indeed, Caroline Receveur took out a curling iron for a perfect wavy effect. The young woman creates a set so that your hair is perfect and wavy all day long.

But in addition to utensils, the brand offers food supplements for the hair and also hair mists. If her site only has a few products, there are a few new things that he should be adding to in the coming weeks.


On her Instagram account, Caroline Receveur posts photos of the shooting for her brand Osée Beauté. It is not yet clear what products she was taking photos for, but it shouldn’t be too long. And for her shoot she chooses wonderful places in Dubai.

It would almost make you want to travel. But hey for the moment we can not! So we will have to console ourselves while waiting for the new products from the Osée Beauté brand. The young mother must launch a new collection to have perfect hair.

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In any case Caroline Receveur looks happy with her collection. We can’t wait to see what happens next. Now that the shoot is over, everything should come together pretty quickly. We are therefore impatiently awaiting new beauty products.


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