Caroline Receveur thanks “33 years old and all my teeth”!


Caroline Receveur has received thousands of messages for her birthday! The star therefore made a point of filming a message to thank his fans!

Caroline Receveur has received thousands of messages for her 33rd birthday! The star therefore thanked his fans by filming a nice video on his Instagram profile. We show you!

Caroline Receveur is one of the most followed French stars on the web. Indeed, the pretty blonde is hugely successful on social networks. She has more than 3 million followers on her Instagram page. Unbelievable !

The young mother is considered a true icon. It inspires thousands of internet users every day. And more and more of them are joining her to follow her adventures.

Yesterday, Caroline Receveur celebrated a very special day! And for good reason: the bomb celebrated its 33 years in Dubai. And surprise! His fans had not forgotten this very important date!

The bomb received thousands of messages for its anniversary. So she wanted to shoot a little video to thank her community!


Caroline Receveur filmed herself at her birthday party. She’s all smiles with balloons in a pretty floral decor!

The it girl is very enthusiastic. She laughs out loud and tries to make a little speech. She then said, “So there you go, I’m 33, and all my teeth!” I wanted to thank you for all your messages, your videos on the networks. Lots of love ! ”

The pretty blonde then receives a visit from a surprise guest! Indeed, her little Marlon also makes an appearance in the video. Enough to crack Internet users!

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No doubt: Caroline Receveur remains as close to her fans as ever despite her success. His little message was unanimous!

The French star is therefore not ready to forget his birthday anytime soon! We wish him lots of good things for this coming new year!


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