Caroline Receveur: She thinks she looks like Brigitte Bardot


Caroline Receveur made social networks tremble. Indeed, the young woman shared two photos on Instagram. And she looks a lot like Brigitte Bardot! Unbelievable.

In 2008, viewers discovered Caroline Receveur in season 2 of Secret Story. Since then, she has also participated in the Angels of reality TV.

Finally, she will join Nabilla and Ayem Nour in Hollywood Girls. The young woman has since moved away from reality TV shows. For a whole new career.

Indeed she launches into modeling and becomes a great influencer. In 2016, Caroline Receveur also participated in Dance with the stars. This is where she meets her darling Hugo Philipp. And it’s love at first sight!


The two lovers become the happy parents of a little Marlon in July 2018. In fact, they are increasing their appearances on social networks. To the delight of the fans!

Caroline Receveur and all her little family have moved to Dubai. A choice that she had explained on her personal blog. And the reason is quite simple.

Indeed, Caroline Receveur wanted to offer a childhood “far from racism” to her son. A very good decision. Recently the young woman shared a photo on Instagram.

His fans really liked the shot. And they make it known. Especially since the young woman looks a lot like Brigitte Bardot in the photo. And she is very beautiful!

So his fans did not hesitate to point out to him! “Brigitte Bardot when she was young, magnificent! Can we read on the comments. Or even “Brigitte Bardot lookalike. »We validate!

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We must admit that the two women are alike! In fact, her photo has been liked over 92,500 times! Just that.


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