Caroline Receveur: Marlon and his aunt are close friends!


Caroline Receveur shared an adorable video! The star shows off her sister playing with Marlon. And the duo is very close!

Caroline Receveur has reunited with her family for the holidays! And surprise! Her little sister and Marlon never leave each other! The duo also cracked the web with an adorable video. We show you!

Caroline Receveur loves to share her family life on the web! Indeed, the bomb never hesitates to display her little Marlon and her sweetheart via her Instagram story.

The trio has therefore become essential on the web. And more and more Internet users are joining them to follow their crazy adventures.

Yesterday, Caroline Receveur fans were able to follow her reunion with her little sister Mathilde. The 25-year-old made the trip to Dubai to spend the holidays with the star.

The pretty blonde takes advantage of her trip to spend as much time as possible with Caroline. It must be said that the two sisters do not see each other often because of the distance!

Mathilde also had the pleasure of seeing her nephew Marlon again. And surprise! The little boy has become addicted to his auntie!


This morning, Caroline Receveur shared an adorable video of her sister and her son Marlon. We can see the little boy playing with his aunty. Adorable!

Mathilde has fun putting glasses on the toddler. The latter admires himself in the phone and takes a selfie like a star!

Caroline’s sister laughs out loud and also poses next to her godson. No doubt: the duo have not lost their bond despite the distance!

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This streak made the web crackle. Indeed, Internet users could not resist when they discovered the nice bond between Marlon and his auntie.

Like what, Caroline Receveur’s little family continues to fascinate the web!


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