Caroline Receveur is proud of Hugo Philip’s advertisement!


Caroline Receveur has been in a relationship for several years with Hugo Philip. The star has fallen for the last ad of her darling.

Caroline Receveur married Hugo Philip several months ago. The starlet is still addicted to her sweetheart and loves her new ad on Instagram.

Several months ago, Caroline Receveur said “yes” to Hugo Philip. The starlet is very happy with her husband and they had a child together. Marlon is the delight of the little family and everything is going well.

In fact, the starlet and her husband have chosen to move to Dubai. It has been several months since they settled down in the UAE and they are loving their new life. Caroline continues to work on her brand and remains very present for her fans.

As a result, fans got to see some amazing photos of her in Dubai. Caroline Receveur poses very often with her son as well as with her husband. In addition, the latter set the web ablaze a few hours ago.

Hugo Philip poses for many brands and ignites the web. The latter worked with Hugo Boss not long ago and the star is a fan of her latest ad!


Caroline Receveur is Hugo Philip’s first fan and keeps a close eye on her career. So when she saw her husband’s new ad, she fell in love with it. On Instagram, she didn’t hesitate to advertise him a bit.

Indeed, this Friday, November 20, she posted in Story the new ad of her darling. We find Hugo Philip with a cap on his head as well as with a T-shirt. Then, in the pub, we can mostly see him in a black and white suit in his dressing room.

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Caroline Receveur really liked the publicity and left a very small message… but that says it all! “You rock!” She said. We suspect that this must have pleased her husband.

Thus, Hugo Philip represents the very last perfume of Hugo Boss and risks experiencing a big hit. In any case, the couple still flaunt themselves glamorously on social media.


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