Caroline Receveur: Hugo Philip shares his goals!


Caroline Receveur’s darling has taken the lead! Hugo Philip has already posted his wishes for 2021 to his fans on Instagram!

The Caroline Receveur lover just shared her 2021 good resolutions on Instagram! A good way for Hugo Philip to give strength to his fans!

Full box for Marlon’s parents for this year 2020! Indeed, they are doing really well!

Caroline Receveur has launched a new business! This is a cosmetics brand … Well done to her!

As for Hugo Philip, he will launch his clothing brand! Super good news for the handsome Breton!

In fact, the latter gave his recommendations to the fans! Indeed, Caroline Receveur’s darling sees this new adventure as a way to grow!

So, if his brand doesn’t work, it won’t be the end of the world far from it! He really has a great mentality!

In any case, we hope for him that it will still work really well… Indeed, the previews make us want too!


Hugo Philip has a very positive way of thinking! So, on Instagram, he often shares his thoughts! Something to delight fans who can draw inspiration from it!

For 2021, Caroline Receveur’s husband has given his recommendations! In the story, we could therefore read: “Before crossing 2021: recharge your passion, refocus your vision, reconnect with your goals.”

Good advice to start the new year … Don’t you think?

In any case, Caroline Receveur and her little family will spend a year 2021 that will change from previous years! Indeed, they will all discover what it is like to spend a full year in the sun!

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