Caroline Receveur: Hugo Philip poses shirtless with Marlon


On his Instagram account, Hugo Philip, darling of Caroline Receveur, has just posted shirtless with Marlon and has made the Web climb

Very often, a boy turns out to be closer to his mom than his dad. We do not mean by this that he does not love his father, far from it. But the mother / son relationship remains as strong as that of father / daughter. On the other hand, as far as Marlon is concerned, he loves his parents the same way. He remains as close to receiving Caroline as he is to Hugo Philip.

Whether on social networks or in everyday life, the little boy never ceases to prove it. Just a few days ago, he was back at school. A return to school that went rather badly, according to the words of his parents.

Indeed, Caroline Receveur let it be known, for example, that he remained clinging to his parents’ legs, shouting that he did not want to go to school …:

“It’s not easy … More for him than for us anyway. Leaving him in tears every morning, hanging on our legs saying ‘Daddy, mommy we’re coming home’, it tears my heart. But we’ve all been there, it’s part of the process of life ”.

But this moment passes quickly enough and once the day is over, Marlon can find Caroline Receveur and Hugo Philip to share moments with them. Sometimes touching moments, but also raising the thermostat as you will be able to see.


Indeed, when the little boy is not crying, he poses alongside his father to melt his subscribers. A few hours ago, the father / son duo appeared shirtless to the delight of their fans.

Admittedly, Internet users did not drool over Marlon’s tiny pecs. However, as for those of Caroline Receveur’s darling, that’s another story. The latter, posing with his son to advertise Laroche-Posay products:

“” I hold you, you hold me by the Lipikar! “” Since he was little, we have been using products from the #Lipikar range by @larocheposayfr, ideal for Marlon who has dry skin (like his parents by the way). The Lipid-Replenishing Balm, a Must-Have for young and old alike! ”

Pub or not, Caroline Receveur’s sweetheart has once again made everyone agree with his dream plastic.


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