Caroline Receveur: her son Marlon, a true piano prodigy!


Caroline Receveur has cracked the web again! Indeed, the star has unveiled an adorable video of Marlon playing the piano!

Caroline Receveur continues to spoil her fans on Instagram! Today, the it girl shared an unusual sequence with her son Marlon. Indeed, the little boy tried to play the piano like a pro. We show you the result …

Since becoming a mother, Caroline Receveur has loved to display her happiness on the web. Indeed, the star often films her family life via her Instagram story. It is therefore not uncommon to see her with her husband and son.

The fashionista never hesitates to show Marlon on social media. She also enjoys sharing all of the little boy’s progress with her followers. We love !

Caroline Receveur’s son has therefore become a real star on the web. And not a day goes by that it doesn’t crack down on internet users.

Today, the cabbage has hit hard! Indeed, he discovered a new passion during an afternoon shopping with his parents. And that’s quite amazing!


Marlon fell in love with a miniature piano in a toy store. So he hastened to play the instrument to impress his parents.

Caroline Receveur couldn’t resist discovering this hilarious scene. She therefore immortalized the moment to share it with her fans.

We can thus discover Marlon in full show! And the least we can say is that the little blonde gives it all!

As always, the son of Caroline Receveur and Hugo Philip has therefore capsized the hearts of Internet users. He was entitled to thousands of compliments on the web!

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So, will the little boy become a music fan? To be continued! Anyway, the little one has not finished surprising us! In


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