Caroline Receveur explains why she quits TV!


In the columns of L’Officiel Arabia, Caroline Receveur explained why she had given up on a career in television

If Caroline Receveur became known thanks to Secret Story, the sweetheart of Hugo Philip did not continue in the realm of reality TV following it. Indeed, unlike some, she immediately wanted to take a step back from this environment. She has just indicated the reasons for this choice, to stay away from the TV, in the columns of L’Officiel Arabia.

True, most will say that this is a lie. Since the young mother participated in the Angels of reality TV a few years later. Or Dance with the stars even more recently.

But apart from these two shows, it is true that Caroline Receveur has never appeared on the screen often. However, the beautiful is a huge success on social networks. This success can be explained by her blog as she says:

“My blog was my first digital experience. Because it was actually one of the first blogs in France, and it was a huge success; in fact, he was more successful than I would have thought. Thanks to the audience I had built with my TV appearances, more and more people – especially women – followed me. That’s when I decided to get started on Insta. ”

In the end, Caroline Receveur then said that she never had the feeling of “belonging to television”. She owes her success to her risk-taking and her knowledge of the Internet.


“I never really felt like I belonged on TV. Because I have always had an entrepreneurial soul. I already opened my first restaurant and an online store at a very young age “.

Caroline Receveur added, before really getting to the heart of the matter and letting people know why she didn’t feel out of place on TV. As you can imagine, this is also and above all because she had the feeling of being immersed in a superficial environment:

“I quickly felt that the television industry was a little too shallow for me. And I wanted more than just being a pretty face on the screen. That’s why I made the choice to leave this environment. Where I lived well to start my own projects. Even if success was not guaranteed. ”

Caroline Receveur, finally concluding: “It was not easy … But I felt much more alive. And I’m really glad I took the risk. “