Caroline Receveur celebrates 33 years in Dubai


On her Instagram account, the beautiful Caroline Receveur shared several photos where she seemed very happy to celebrate her 33 years in Dubai!

This Tuesday, November 10, Caroline Receveur celebrated her 33 years in Dubai. On the occasion, she shared several photos on her Instagram account. And the least we can say is that she really made a splash on the web.

Caroline Receveur also struck the pose wearing a white short-sleeved top that showed her stomach. To complete her outfit, she also opted for white pants. In her pictures, she also displayed herself with her best smile.

In the caption of her Instagram photos, Caroline Receveur also confided to her fans: “33 years! Thank you all for your messages, your attentions, your bouquets, your gifts… I feel fulfilled, loved ”.

The young woman also added: “And particularly lucky to be able to celebrate my birthday here in Dubai. While many of you are still confined to France. I in turn send you a lot of love “.


Caroline Receveur continued: “Laughs, smiles. And positive energies on such a magical day for me ”. With her photos, she has collected more than 140,000 likes in just two hours from her fans.

In the comments, they left pretty messages to the young woman. Several wanted to compliment her. But also to wish him a happy birthday. One thing is certain, she seemed very happy.

Below her photos, her fans also wrote: “Very happy birthday Caroline. Thirty scares me less when I see you so fulfilled. “But also” Happy You. And thank you for this wonderful state of mind. And all that positivity that you carry. These beautiful values ​​which reflect you and your lovely family ”.

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