Caroline Receiver was impressed by her fans’ messages!


In Story of her Instagram account, Caroline Receveur shared a photo where she confided to have been moved by the messages of her fans!

A few months ago, Caroline Receveur created a brand new brand. This is Hosea Beauty. And the least that can be said is that she is a hit with her fans. These seem to validate 100%.

Very happy with the messages received from her fans, Caroline Receveur even decided to thank them. It must be said that she seemed really touched by the positive feedback about her brand’s products.

This Thursday, November 12, Caroline Receveur posted a new photo in the Story of her Instagram account. She released a message from a fan who gave out info about the HairBooster. One thing is certain, she also seems very satisfied.

The woman also confided: “I have been taking the HairBooster Osée for 15 days now. And I am delighted. The delivery, the packaging, the shape of the candy, the taste, the design, everything is perfect ”.


Caroline Receveur’s client also added: “A few years ago I had breast cancer. And since then I have had a lot of trouble with my hair. Fall, loss of volume, alopecia ”.

She also revealed: “But since taking the HairBooster, I feel like I’m recovering some mass (…) I’m continuing my treatment because for me it’s not a gimmick. But a real treatment ”.

The fan of the designer also continued, “And I’ll tell you when I’m done with my cure. Thank you thank you for giving hope to people like me. ” Very touched, Marlon’s mother wanted to respond to this lovely message.

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The former candidate also looked very happy with the return. In the caption of her photo, she said: “Thank you for sharing your lives, your experiences and your Hosea Beauty experience with me. With us “.


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