Caroline Receiver, Marlon’s birth is so nostalgic!


This morning, the beautiful Caroline Receveur plunged her head back into pretty memories … Indeed, she remembers the birth of Marlon!

Nice story for Caroline Receveur this morning! The beauty shared with us Marlon’s first moments from two years ago!

For more than two years, the Philip couple has lived a real happiness! Indeed, they welcomed a little boy …

Thus, on the networks, Caroline Receveur and her darling show us the evolution of little Marlon … Enough to make us crack!

Indeed, Hugo Philip’s son is quite lively and already speaks very well for his age. So it’s a real pleasure to see him when his parents unveil him in a story!

We are completely crazy … Don’t you?

Very often, Caroline Receveur’s darling films his daily life accompanied by the one he calls “his best friend”, namely his son, and you might as well tell you that they are not both very wise … So, sometimes, the beautiful influencer sets the record straight when Marlon and his daddy mess up!


Either way, little Marlon is growing fast! Thus, Caroline Receveur has her mother’s heart which tightens when she sees a video of him when he was barely a few hours old!

This morning, she therefore shared a video of Marlon in the maternity ward… Adorable!

It’s crazy how quickly time flies! And it’s not the famous ex-candidate of Secret who will say the opposite!

Seeing how much Caroline Receveur is touched by this video, it could give us some ideas… A second baby to relive this moment of happiness?

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In any case, we would love to see Marlon behave like a big brother! Not you ?

However, we will have to wait and knowing the discretion of the Philip couple, we will not have any information for a long time … Too bad!


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