Caroline Receiver is supreme in tank tops at the beach!


On Instagram, Caroline Receveur was unanimous with several photos of her at the beach! Internet users loved this shoot!

Caroline Receveur caused a stir on Instagram today! Indeed, the beautiful influencer has unveiled 2 photos of her at the beach!

This Sunday, December 20, 2020, Caroline Receveur left none of her subscribers indifferent! Indeed, the beautiful blonde posted 2 sublime pictures of herself at the beach which were unanimous on the Web!

Thus, in the images in question, Hugo Philip’s sweetheart poses at the beach while wearing a very trendy gold top! A post that Internet users have therefore liked in large numbers!


Indeed, Caroline Receveur’s publication has already accumulated more than 30,000 “I like” mentions in just a few hours, a real record for the influencer!


Fans of Caroline Receveur mobilized via the comments bar of her latest Instagram post! Indeed, they were keen to compliment the photos of their favorite influencer!

“Beautiful, you really have amazing hair!” »« Caroline is really a beauty! The photos are just beautiful! ”

Or: “As always, Caroline Receveur is incredibly beautiful! »« The make up, the hair, the frame, the light… These photos are just sublime, just like you! »« Cannon Caroline Receiver! This woman has always been beautiful! »« But I’m dying… The photos are all crazy! ”

We can thus read on the social network of the pretty mother of Marlonn! Messages all more positive than the others! An enthusiasm which will therefore please the young woman!

So, we let you in turn discover the 2 pictures in question below! This is a shoot as part of a product placement for a brand of hair products!


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