Caroline Receiver hangover after a drunken evening!


Yesterday, Caroline Receveur obviously had a good evening. And the star appeared very tired the day after the festivities!

Yesterday, Caroline Receveur feasted with some of her relatives in an upscale restaurant in Dubai! But the day after the evening seems to have been difficult for the businesswoman to manage.

To this day, Caroline Receveur is one of the most talented influencers of her generation. Over the years, the pretty blonde has built a real empire.

It’s not for nothing that she made the cover of Forbes France in 2019. Class!

A born boss, the star is also multiplying partnerships with the biggest labels. It also masterfully manages its various brands, like Recc Paris. Without forgetting her latest project: Osée!

A fan of social networks, Caroline Receveur can also boast of having a large community on the Web! Her admirers like to follow her daily life on Instagram.

And fashionistas copy every look she sports. Living in Dubai this summer, Marlon’s mother has adapted perfectly to her new life in the United Arab Emirates.

On November 10, the young woman celebrated her 33rd birthday in a small group. According to her last Instagram story, she once again had the right to a small party in her honor. And the influencer took advantage of it!


As you can see, Caroline Receveur has pulled out all the stops to party! As usual, she bet on a pretty ultra trendy outfit. And her quirky hairstyle has wowed many on the web.

In her story, the businesswoman displayed herself radiant surrounded by her relatives. In any case, her happiness is a pleasure to see. After blowing out her candles, the pretty blonde visibly heated the dancefloor until the end of the night.

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Caroline Receiver in a little black dress is so hot!

What is certain is that the influencer seems to have made the most of her evening! A few hours later, Caroline Receveur even opted for sunglasses to hide her tired eyes.

“Indispensable”, captioned the star in her post. We understand !


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