Caroline Receiver, fan of the astrology


Caroline Receveur has just posted a photo while she was wearing a sublime zodiac necklace! The young woman is a fan of astrology!

Caroline Receveur is a real fan of astrology! Thus, the beautiful blonde has a necklace with the zodiac signs of her darling and her son!

This Wednesday, November 9, 2020, Caroline Receveur posted a photo of herself while wearing a sublime APM brand necklace. A necklace on which we could see three pendants: the sign of her darling and her son as well as the ascendant of the beautiful blonde!

A cliché that Internet users must have loved! By the way, Marlon’s mom didn’t hesitate to link to the jewelry site! So, count 198 euros for a necklace with an effigy of your star sign!

We let you admire the cliché in question of the sublime influencer! This is obviously a screenshot of the beautiful Caroline Receiver!


Via her Instagram feed, Caroline Receveur also posted a photo of her wearing this famous necklace! A cliché she captioned, “It’s baby scorpion season!” »A post that many Internet users have commented on! MCE TV therefore invites you to discover some messages from Internet users!

“Scorpio is the most hated sign while we are the best! “Caroline really has charisma and unparalleled natural beauty … A worthy representative of the scorpio sign according to me! ”

Or: “This Caroline necklace is too beautiful!” I too am a Scorpio and I love my star sign! »We can read on Caroline Receveur’s social network!

Comments all more adorable than each other which will therefore please the pretty Caroline! We invite you to discover the photo in question below!

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