Carol from “The Walking Dead” originally had one of the darkest deaths


Fans of the AMC TV series “The Walking Dead” are more than familiar with the exceptional growth and development of Carol’s character throughout the show, but if they haven’t read the original comic book series, they may be shocked to learn that she hasn’t gone through such a thing. a transformation in the source material and, in fact, survived one of the darkest deaths in “The Walking Dead”.

Carol Peletier first appeared in the AMC TV series “The Walking Dead” in the 1st episode of the 3rd season. After her debut, Carol is portrayed as a friendly and timid woman who suffers almost constantly from verbal and physical abuse from her husband. In the course of the series, Carol’s husband is killed, and she can become herself beyond his cruel control — and this person is a strong, independent woman who is not afraid to kick ass and protect herself and those from whom she loves. The horrors that the zombie apocalypse brought to the world. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have that chance in the original story.

In the comics, Carol meets a relatively early end. The main theme of Carol’s character is her need to define herself through others, and this is what corrodes her when the world plunges into chaos. After Carol’s abusive husband commits suicide, she struggles to become part of a group where most of the other survivors are couples, and asks if Rick and Laurie would like to enter into a polyamorous relationship. When they reject her, shocked by the offer, Carol feels alienated from the group and later attempts suicide. As long as she survives, she feels that others are now constantly judging her. Unfortunately, in “The Walking Dead #41” (Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn), Carol approaches a zombie that the group has taken to study, allowing him to bite himself, telling him about his struggle for a place among others. survivors.

Despite the fact that Carol’s death in the comics is beautiful and tragic in its own way, in fact it is something that one of the creators apparently regrets after the heroic and inspiring character development in the series with live actors. In The Walking Dead Deluxe #41, Robert Kirkman discusses the striking differences between the TV show “Carol” and the comic book “Carol”. Kirkman admits that fans of the series may be outraged by Carol’s completely different ending, saying that the series deviated from the source material because “in the comic, Carol was not played by an actress like Melissa McBride. Actors can really drive a story, especially in a TV show.”

In the Walking Dead comic book series, Carol’s fate was seemingly set in stone. Her tragic story ended naturally, and her journey convinced her that, apart from zombies and humans, simply existing in an upside-down world can be incredibly dangerous and potentially even deadly. Carol faced a tragic and terrible end in the comic strip “The Walking Dead”, giving a dark message to the main theme of the series about the value of community and cooperation.