Carlos Vela has an offer from Barcelona, says Jona Dos Santos


After a magnificent season in which the MLS was stolen, Carlos Vela would receive a huge reward, because for the second year he would be still looking for Barcelona. This information was confirmed by Jonathan Dos Santos, player of the LA Galaxy and one of the best friends of the Bomber.

On the Angels’ tour of Colombia, Jona gave an interview to the W Radio station, in which he leaked the Culé interest: “As I am now on vacation, I have not had much contact with him (Sail). It is true that he has that offer on the table. I don’t know what he is going to do, honestly. He’s very happy in Los Angeles, he had a spectacular season. It’s a unique opportunity that Barcelona is looking for you, the best team in the world, and hopefully as a Mexican you can give it. ”

And in recent months there was talk about an offer by the Blaugranas by the Mexican attacker to meet him with Antoine Griezmann. Although Vela would not come to be a starter, it could be a great revulsion on the right wing and more with the multiple injuries of Ousmane Dembelé.

Although Vela has hinted on multiple occasions that he wishes to stay in Los Angeles, Barcelona could place an offer on the irresistible table for the Bomber. Joining Messi, Suarez and his former Real Sociedad teammate, among others, would be ideal to end a successful career.


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