Carlos Valdés reveals his character’s new thinking


While the Cisco of Carlos Valdés, character from The Flash, would briefly regain his powers during Crisis on Infinite Earths, those powers were revered in the creation of Prime-Earth, leaving Cisco to help Team Flash in other ways.

While Cisco decided to give up his powers for his greatest happiness and has no regrets, actor Carlos Valdés says that his character, who appears in The Flash, is obsessed with it.

Carlos Valdés said that he personally identifies with Cisco’s feelings and that there will continue to be repercussions of the decision to walk away from his powers even in season 7 of The Flash.

Carlos Valdés, actor who plays Cisco in The Flash, revealed that it was an important decision for him. The ripple effects are repercussions of that in terms of Cisco’s sense of identity.

Carlos Valdés went on to explain that those repercussions can come into play when Barry’s speed powers are depleted. It was established in season 6 of The Flash the SpeedForce died.

While Barry, The Flash’s main character, had some speed left, he would eventually wear himself out rendering him powerless. When the team does, including Carlos Valdés’ character, they couldn’t create an artificial SpeedForce in time.

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