Carlos Correa sarcastically responds to Aaron Judge before alleged Yankees ‘trap’


Carlos Correa sarcastically responds to Aaron Judge before alleged Yankees ‘trap’. Carlos Correa paid with the same coin as Aaron Judge before a new accusation of cheating by the Yankees.

Just Friday, he released a letter the commissioner sent to the New York Yankees directive in which they had also allegedly been found guilty of cheating and stealing signals illegally in 2017, just as the Astros did. during that same season.

Late last year, former Houston pitcher Mike Fiers accused his former team of using a sophisticated scheme of technology to signal the rival pitchers. After months of investigation, MLB ruled the guilt of the Astros, who were financially sanctioned, in addition to the loss of the first two rounds of Draft 2020 and 2021.

Remember that a few days after the Yankees elimination in the American League Championship Series at the hands of the Astros in 2019, SporsCenter released on Twitter the news that Fiers had revealed to The Athletic about the traps that They had been doing since 2017.

So Mules outfielder Aaron Judge replied to the post as follows:


Now with the new scandal, a New York federal judge is requesting that the contents of the letter with which MLB allegedly concealed the Yankees ‘traps to avoid damaging New Yorkers’ reputations be revealed. After learning the news, the Astros shortstop, Carlos Correa, answered via Twitter sarcastically and paying Aaron Judge the same coin, just as he responded when he found out about the controversy that put the hurricane in the eye Texan team.

This was the tweet that the Puerto Rican published:

According to Brendan Kuty of, if the Yankees do not present an amparo in the next few days, the content of the hidden letter should be revealed no later than Friday, June 19 of this year.


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