Carla Morrison and Ricky Martin conquer the scene


Carla Morrison and Ricky Martín delighted their fans with the fabulous presentation on the Latin Grammy 2020 stages.

Today the 2020 edition of the Latin Grammy has been celebrated and through it incredible presentations have been lived on stage, one of the most outstanding of the night was the spectacular performance of Carla Morrison and Ricky Martin, who joined their voices to sing the theme ‘I remember’.

The coronavirus pandemic was no impediment for the Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences to celebrate the 21st edition of the Latin Grammy from the city of Miami and thus reward the best of Latin music that emerged in this last year.

But this event is not only characterized by recognizing artists of Latin origin who manage to conquer the world of music, it is well known that it allows viewers to enjoy presentations on stage, which are full of talent and make the long-awaited night is unique.

Carla Morrison and Ricky Martín perform ‘Recuerdo’

Ricky Martin and Carla Morrison managed to captivate the public at the 2020 edition of these famous awards with the presentation of the song ‘Recuerdo’, which belongs to the EP ‘Pausa’ that the Puerto Rican singer released last May in a surprising way, this while all the world is experiencing a pandemic.

With a theme very similar to that of the official video shared on YouTube, both artists joined their voices; later the Puerto Rican singer got up from his seat to interpret the song ‘Sharks’, which was applauded by those present, this because images of children appeared behind him singing the chorus of the song.

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